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If The Bank Says "NO" Give Me A Call.


We Originate Loans For Lenders That Offer Alternative Sources Of Funding..


1) Commercial Real Estate Financing: Up to 5 Billion  

a) New Projects   

b) Large Real Estate Development Projects 

c) Large Construction Projects

d) Large Alternative Energy Projects

e) Corporate Expansion

f) Asset Based Loans

g) Investor Financing for Small Projects

2) Bridge Loans: 1 Million to 100 Million Plus 

a) Interest Only

b) 6 Months to 5 Years

c) Refinance or Acquisitions

3) SBA Loans: 

a) Up to 10 Million  

b) Property Must Be 51% Owner Occupied

c) Loans are based on Business Cash Flow not Assets

4) Creative Non Debt Funding: You can access Pre-Tax Funds (i.e. 401k, IRA, SEP, 403b, 457, TSP) - Penalty Free and without taking a Taxable Distribution - This can be used as your Non Borrowed Cash Injection for a Loan - This is for ANY Type of For Profit Business!!!!

5) Business Equipment Financing & Leasing: 

a) New Equipment

b) Sell Lease Backs

c) Up to 250 Million

6) Accounts Receivable Leveraging: Leverage Your Accounts Receivable and let us WAIT the 30 to 90 DAYS for PAYMENT

7) Merchant Credit Card Processing: We are confident that we can offer a Better Program than your Current Processor. In order to give you a "QUOTE", we will need your Most Recent Month's Merchant Statement.


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